"Reema is an exceptional yogini.  The depth of her gift can be felt in her teachings as well as her music.  I am sure those who experience yoga with Reema will be touched by her presence and offerings, as have I." - Sting 

Authentic Teachings, Empowered Living.

Reema Datta is an Indian-American Yogini, Mother and teacher.  Carrying lineages of Hatha Yoga, Vedanta and Tibetan Buddhism, Reema's yoga classes are a masterful blend of movement and meditation.  She embraces yoga as a lifestyle and includes sacred song and Ayurvedic food as a part of her offerings.  Reema Datta is also an author, recording artist and founder of the Usha Yoga Foundation which brings yoga to marginalized communities.  


Transform attachment, anger, anxiety and depression through yoga asana, meditation & wisdom teachings


An authentic, spiritually & culturally rich experience. January 14-27, 2017. 


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